Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paper Doll Wall Art

I began decorating my daughters room last summer in a Shabby Chic style. I have been a huge fan of the style for years. I am also a fan of paper dolls. My sister and I would hassle our mom till she would cave and buy us paper doll books. We loved the historical ones that are sold in souvenir shops.Playing together with our paper dolls is a favorite childhood memory that I wish to share with my daughter.Now that I have my own house and more money I am trying to get my house to an awesome level. When I say I have more money... I mean more than the nothing I once had but no where NEAR my idol Rachel Ashwell's money. This means more DIY .... but having 4 kids I don't have much DIY time. I was able to make this simple project in 30 min. (Half of a 'Hoarders' episode)

Start with a shabby frame, Scissors, patterned paper that coordinates with the paper dolls you wish to use or the room you are using it in, scrap paper, pen ,glue, and paper dolls.

You can Google 'Vintage Paper Dolls' or 'Free Printable Vintage Paper Dolls' like I did or... you can use some of the sites I have found.

 Take the paper that comes in the frame out and place it on the patterned paper.
 Take the pen and trace it on all four sides.
Cut it out.

 Take the printed out paper dolls and cut them out as well.
Once you have cut the dolls out play with the placement , until you have it the way you want it.
 Take the scrap paper.
 and cut out a strip of paper and cut into thirds and add glue to one end
 Then roll into a circle add glue to one side
 glue to the back of the doll pieces , then add glue to the other side and place on the patterned paper.
This will add some depth ,especially since I didn't use a shadow box.
You can add embellishments like glitter glue, ribbon, buttons, lace or paper doilies. But here is the finished project.