Friday, March 25, 2011


I loved (love, it's still a work in progress) working on my baby's room. It is the first time I was able to decorate a nursery any way I wanted to, Ok well that's a sort of lie.I wanted a fab modern room for him

But David wanted something with the ocean or fish (WTF?)

So I searched to something we both agreed on. It wasn't my first love like the pic above , but it was nice and had potential. I found this 13 piece set for 50$ plus shipping from ebay, it was going for 250$ at one point on Amazon. It met my love of all good deals. It came in the mail one day and I fell in love. I cried ( it was probably my hormones) one day, my unborn baby would sleep on these sheets.
It took forever to get the room and dresser painted. I was in the hospital after having him and my wonderful future FIL was helping make my vision come to life. I can't thank you enough Dave.
Here are the results:

                                              Above the bed I am going to hang my belly photo once I get it framed.

                                                    One day those pictures will be hung up next the the family photo

                    My Dad made this toy box for me when I was a baby. I am going to repaint it to                 match the room this summer
 I need to figure out what to do under there. I am going to add a painted on white board in fancy gold frames.

 I found some tin buckets at PB kids that I want to organize this crap.
 Found this old Ladies Home Journal AD from 1947 in an antique store. I thought it was cute.
 I stuffed this with all the blankets we have for him. Errr. Cute huh? Umm right....
 This was one of my brothers burp cloths. I thought it was vintage-y

 Daddy loves to play Scrabble . I secured this with hot glue.

 Old Avon sachet and jelly jar.
The rose is cheesy but my oldest bought it for me the day I left the hospital.

It's nothing fancy, and nothing like I had envisioned. But I like it. Its generic I know. I am always looking to kick it up a notch.

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