Friday, March 25, 2011


Hi guys! It's your favorite disgruntled SAHM , and I have started a new blog. What? I don't update the other one enough, and what makes me think I can handle another one? I know you are thinking it , even if you are to polite to say it to my face. (sadly most of you are to nice to call bullshit on me..... Thank you!)

To all you nay sayers I say ... I know , I know.... I just didn't want to bore you with my hobby talk. In my spare time (hhahahahahahaha I made a funny) I like to craft, thrift, refinish shitty thrift store furniture and decorate with my craft/finds. Some of you won't give a crap... as is your right ( no matter how terrible that choice is... because I am fucking awesome)  Some of you care... and share the hobby with me (even if our personal style differs) I am looking at you Mrs. D!

Well if my other blog is about my misadventures in parenting and life... what can you expect here?
 Plenty! And a huge heaping spoonful of Krista's fucking awesomeness , thats what! More specifically I am going to pictures of areas in my home I am working on, what I am thinking of doing, Pictures and how-to's of crafty shit I make for my house and kids, post pics of things I love, ideas I have, inspiration rooms and shit I wish I knew how to craft/cook/buy.

I hope you guys like, because this is something I LOVE! One day I hope to get better at it and maybe make some dough. I really would like to have the time and know how (from building crap to sewing my own shit).

Anyways peace, love and crafting!

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